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 Sesame seed, RCN (raw cashew nuts), Dry split ginger (DSG), Hibiscus flower, Stone flower, Cotton, Hide and skin, Pepper, Gum arabic, Luban gum, Groundnut, Tiger nut, Soya beans, Timber.


Value addition within commodity’s value chain.

 So far we have pushed hundreds of tones on CNF and FOB basis to Nigerian ports and abroad.


We exist to serve International market directly or indirectly. We strive to bring along local farmers together and follow the value chain, add value in having more qualitative commodities from Nigeria.


Audience Overview:

Processing companies, buying raw commodity and adding value to the stage of finished or semi-finished product.
Middlemen, buying on behalf of a company or individuals serving as commodity suppliers.


Pricing Structure:

FOB (free on board)
CIF (Cost, insurance and freight)
CNF (Cost and freight)


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